Update (I’m alive!)

Just a quick update. I would apologise for my absence, but I think I’ve done it so many times now it doesn’t mean much anymore. Truth is I was struggling for inspiration and motivation. I’m enrolled on my second year of my masters degree, which focuses more on workshop/writing my own pieces, and so I’mContinue reading “Update (I’m alive!)”

St. Nectan’s Glen

This poem I wrote, inspired by St. Nectan’s Glen in Cornwall. It’s a poetry video, containing photos I personally took within the three visits I’ve been there, and the music is me on the guitar (after many years of hiatus). This is another aspect of music and poetry I want to try, so I’m hopingContinue reading “St. Nectan’s Glen”

The Pathless

This is a poem I wrote based on Juan Sánchez’s Rebirth. I have the audio of me reading the poem to his music, as well as the typed poem below. This is something I really enjoyed doing, and I plan to continue it with other non-copyrighted music. 21:11 The Pathless Black gives way to nature,Continue reading “The Pathless”

Musician wanted for poetry/music collaboration

I’m hoping to form a collaboration with a musician for my creative writing masters’ assessment. I want to create two pieces, one where the musician writes music based on one of my poems, and one where I write a poem based on one of the musician’s work. The form/style is negotiable/will be part of theContinue reading “Musician wanted for poetry/music collaboration”

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