Short story

Written for my Reading as a Writer assessment. Based off my 21:3 poem (also posted today. She turned around and pulled, but they wouldn’t move. No amount of begging, bribing or threats of death would make them budge even an inch. The constant rain had left her body heavy and numb, clothes pulling her closerContinue reading “Short story”

Anime-style script

This is an anime-style script I wrote for my Reading as a Writer assessment, which I then wrote a sonnet about (also being posted today). The scene was inspired by my Fallen Wing anime script, episode six, so it has the same character names and personalities. Anime-style Script [Screen is black for a few seconds.Continue reading “Anime-style script”

Prompt 387

‘You’ve definitely improved,’ I said, swallowing the slightly lumpy mash, ‘But I’m still better.’             A stunned silence followed. She looked at me, the smile morphing into confusion, then deep hurt.             Oh God, why would I say that?             ‘Oh, okay,’ She shook her head and put on a shaky smile, ‘I mean, IContinue reading “Prompt 387”

Prompt 450 (The actual prompt seems to have disappeared off the site, so I’ll just type it out ‘You live in a universe where on their eighteenth birthday, everyone is given a superpower. It’s your birthday and you discover you’ve been given a unique power – the rare ability to turn into an animal nobody hasContinue reading “Prompt 450”

In All We Have Been

In All We Have Been Neither of them had any idea what to do, only what they should be doing. The unspoken agreement was not to mention it. Pretend it was less real.             “I don’t have a spare room so you can take mine.” Vincent told the quiet child. The child was never quiet.Continue reading “In All We Have Been”


Psychopomp Kalkin had never imagined he’d be watching the chaos of a train wreckage two months after he’d died. It was one of those horrific incidents where it was wrong to casually watch yet he couldn’t take his eyes from.             “What happened?” A gawker asked beside him, the man halfway through Kalkin just shrugged.Continue reading “Psychopomp”

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