St. Nectan’s Glen

This poem I wrote, inspired by St. Nectan’s Glen in Cornwall. It’s a poetry video, containing photos I personally took within the three visits I’ve been there, and the music is me on the guitar (after many years of hiatus). This is another aspect of music and poetry I want to try, so I’m hopingContinue reading “St. Nectan’s Glen”

The Pathless

This is a poem I wrote based on Juan Sánchez’s Rebirth. I have the audio of me reading the poem to his music, as well as the typed poem below. This is something I really enjoyed doing, and I plan to continue it with other non-copyrighted music. 21:11 The Pathless Black gives way to nature,Continue reading “The Pathless”

Rough poem 20:9

20:9 Distant me Train distance three years from home, a new life and knowledge away. Cast back on the skin of the past so they might recognise you, still love you, acknowledge you. Tip-toe until confidence -and yes, ego- force your foot flat, your strides long and unapologetic. See their eyes glaze over in disappointmentContinue reading “Rough poem 20:9”

Poem idea

Written for my Reading as a Writer assessment, similar to my Sphere-shaped Emptiness poem. 21:3 Black void, floating without purpose, deceptive surface smooth to see, but anything reaching out to it is sucked in. No resistance, with no disturbance to its perfect sphere shape. Dark night and clouds blend it into life, barely noticed asContinue reading “Poem idea”

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