Poem idea

Written for an exercise in my Reading as a Writer class. Each line was taken randomly from other previously written poems.


The first time it happened

opening tune,

the instructions are simple

the world is cruel.

The other me.


we fall with the snow

to ask if there’s some mistake,

he searched for her.

A coward or a conniver?

This object you were touching,

here comes the lies.

Tentative roots being placed

I don’t know how they’re getting in.

Blunt scissors hacking,

it leaks when we shower.

It’s been days since I

saw this bed,

mysterious puddle

Appearing in the night.

I like to watch depressing stories

skulking while you’re sleeping.

Too late in life

we’ve changed our minds.

I don’t know why these

thoughts cross my mind.

The world has begun

to move again.

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