Musician wanted for poetry/music collaboration

I’m hoping to form a collaboration with a musician for my creative writing masters’ assessment. I want to create two pieces, one where the musician writes music based on one of my poems, and one where I write a poem based on one of the musician’s work. The form/style is negotiable/will be part of the collaboration process.

Some possible styles are: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgXgQHINScU


If uninterested in a collaboration I’d also be grateful for any original music people are willing to send/permit me to use for writing a poem. I would give full credit and if the musician preferred I didn’t post it on youtube/wordpress I’d make sure only my tutor saw it for marking. I can’t offer any fee for this because I don’t want to risk my assessment suffering if I officially employ someone. I will of course offer full acknowledgement/recognition, and the musician will have permission to use/post/perform any work we make (as long as they acknowledge my part) once my assessment has been marked.

The assessment is due in April so I’m hoping to get the bulk of the work done in March. This site has videos of me reading my poetry and written poems for anyone who wishes to see what my work is like. Anyone who is interested/has questions/advice drop a comment or send me a message either here or at my Youtube channel. Thanks.



Welcome to my blog: Scribbled thoughts. I started it to get back into the rhythm of writing after a long hiatus. Feel free to look around, there’s poems, poetry reading videos, novel drafts, anime script drafts, short stories and writing prompts. I also include research of areas that interest me, like poetry and fairy tales or poetry and music.

I am currently on a Creative Writing masters course and am trying to gain experience to start an editing career. There’s a link at the bottom of the page for details.

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For anyone interested in getting free editing services, I am willing to edit people’s work to gain more experience and some feedback/reviews. All work will be done for free until my masters course ends in April 2022. Please visit the page or message me if interested.

Poem 21:30


I am the party

of childhood.

Simple emotions

not yet layered

with experience.

Laughter, happy,

angry if refused,

but soon forgotten

as the music

starts and presents

are presented.

I am the party

of a teenager.

Nervous for

acceptance, desperate

to go well.

Biting words slice

the air and

pressured acts

will be my

undoing, or shape

my world forever.

I am a party

of a young adult.

The twenties an immortal

race who never fear

death or consequences.

Yet I witness plenty

of both, self-inflicted

or otherwise. Dark

corridors hide dark

deeds, and secrets spread

to infect everything,


Poem 21:27 Happy National Poetry Day!

A quick poem written with this year’s theme for National Poetry Day: Change.

21: 27

Observe the rolls

evident, even when

lying down.

Blame age and

depression for

your changing


Buy expensive

equipment, retrieve

your bike from

the garage, years

of mould judging


Stare and stare,

and ask for change,

but no matter

how tired,

how busy,

how unsure,

nothing will happen

until you begin

to move again.

Poem 21:26

Another redraft of this poem. I just workshopped it in class and have been given advice for it, so expect another redraft soon.

The parent/s of Hansel and Gretel

The first time it happened

they were too shocked to react.

It must be grief, Gretel

thought, and decided it would

pass. Hansel hid the dress,

longed to sell or burn it,

but the knowledge that it had been his

mother’s favourite stopped him.

Its hiding place was discovered

and it returned.

She’d return with it.

Face clean-shaven and

skin painted white.

Rouge-deep lipstick applied with

virgin preciseness.

Eyes decorated with charcoal

and cheeks dusted with

unnatural blush.

Short hair just long enough

for a few teasing curls.

The chest wasn’t padded,

that first time. Hairy arms

stood out against the delicate

material, sweated armpits

tainting it a darker shade.

His bum looked big in it.

‘Hello,’ she said, his deep

voice croaking out a high pitch.

‘I’m your new step-mother.’

She would appear every so often,

place unwashed vegetables on

their plates, watch them

hesitate and yell,

‘If it’s not good enough,

leave! There’s barely enough

to live on!’

He would emerge soon after,

flustered, apologetic for his

wife’s tone, but never


Hansel said nothing, while

Gretel washed and prepared

their meagre meal.

The children heard them arguing

one night, voice deep to shrill,

sometimes playing the wrong part.

‘They eat all the food, they must go!’

‘But they’re my children.’

‘No, they’re a burden, a reminder. Useless.’

‘Useless. Yes, useless.’

Both saw them off, but only

the father took them into the


He was still wearing the dress.

‘I’m sorry,’ he said, as he

left them to starve,

‘She made me.’

Of course, they thought,

now alone to die.

How can a father ever

grow to hate his children?

No. it was her fault;

the stepmother who

never existed.  

Poem 21:24

21: 24

I am born as you sleep,

your dream the other

half of me, existing

only for the length

of your stay. Some of us

resent you, and will fill

the time with nightmares,

scaring you, scarring you

into remembering us


Others wish for your

happiness, giving you

peaceful memories

that leave a

ghost smile when

you leave. Killing us

into the forgotten.

My plan, to live,

is to keep you here,

trapped in sleep and


as machines beep

your heartbeat.

Forget the act of

waking, and live

in this world I

can make your


Breathe my soul alive.

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