Musician wanted for poetry/music collaboration

I’m hoping to form a collaboration with a musician for my creative writing masters’ assessment. I want to create two pieces, one where the musician writes music based on one of my poems, and one where I write a poem based on one of the musician’s work. The form/style is negotiable/will be part of the collaboration process.

Some possible styles are: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgXgQHINScU


If uninterested in a collaboration I’d also be grateful for any original music people are willing to send/permit me to use for writing a poem. I would give full credit and if the musician preferred I didn’t post it on youtube/wordpress I’d make sure only my tutor saw it for marking. I can’t offer any fee for this because I don’t want to risk my assessment suffering if I officially employ someone. I will of course offer full acknowledgement/recognition, and the musician will have permission to use/post/perform any work we make (as long as they acknowledge my part) once my assessment has been marked.

The assessment is due in April so I’m hoping to get the bulk of the work done in March. This site has videos of me reading my poetry and written poems for anyone who wishes to see what my work is like. Anyone who is interested/has questions/advice drop a comment or send me a message either here or at my Youtube channel. Thanks.



Welcome to my blog: Scribbled thoughts. I started it to get back into the rhythm of writing after a long hiatus. Feel free to look around, there’s poems, poetry reading videos, novel drafts, anime script drafts, short stories and writing prompts. I also include research of areas that interest me, like poetry and fairy tales or poetry and music.

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For anyone interested in getting free editing services, I am willing to edit people’s work to gain more experience and some feedback/reviews. All work will be done for free until my masters course ends in April 2022. Please visit the page or message me if interested.

Short story

Written for my Reading as a Writer assessment. Based off my 21:3 poem (also posted today.

She turned around and pulled, but they wouldn’t move. No amount of begging, bribing or threats of death would make them budge even an inch. The constant rain had left her body heavy and numb, clothes pulling her closer to the earth, willing her to sink and become one with the mud. She gave a last half-hearted tug on both leads, receiving stubborn silence in reply.

            Her eyes closed, grip loosening as she fantasized with letting go and giving into gravity. Perhaps the rain would wash her from existence; all her worries, responsibilities, all knowledge of her…gone.

            A strong sharp tug startled her eyes open, knees buckling. For a moment a spark of fear fluttered in her chest, an old instinct of self-preservation she hadn’t felt in weeks. A gasp of pain escaped as she fell to the grass, knees giving out further so even her face greeted the earth. It wasn’t physical, but a bubbling sharp sting erupted from her chest, making her gasp for breath and her throat seize up.

            Heaving in air she let out a desperate, long scream, attempting to expel any emotions threatening to end the peaceful numbness. A nudge against her right upper arm made the sound sizzle out. She lifted her upper body and stared at the two English bulldogs, now licking her dirt-encased hand and whining.

            Shock gripped her, clearing her mind to glance behind her, seeing the riverbank’s edge she’d almost walked off.

            ‘I-’ she started, surprised at the sound of her own voice. When had she last heard it?

            Gaia and Terra responded to the sound by whining louder and moving to lick her face. Their warm tongues and foul breath sent a renewed awareness through her body. Her whole being convulsed with shivers, her skin tight from cold. The constant rain hammered on her exposed head, a mini-drum pounding her into living.

            ‘I’m sorry,’ She whispered, giving each loyal dog a heartfelt stroke before reclaiming their leads and standing. ‘I won’t try that again.’

            The journey home was painful, her feet and hands soaked, her body beyond tired. She let Gaia and Terra lead, trusting them to keep her alive once again. Perhaps one day she’d be grateful for it.

            They led her to the back of the cottage, the usual routine after a walk. She’d forgotten to turn the kitchen light off before leaving and, for a moment, she saw him there, watching through the window. His smile was content, frozen forever, cradling a warm drink he’d never experience, but never let go of.

            She tried to stop but the eager dogs pulled her down the garden path. The closer they got the more he faded away until only an empty house remained. Numb fingers dug into her pockets for the keys, turning them in the lock but losing the strength to open.

            A sharp, hungry bark made her smile, just a little, as she shook herself and stepped inside.

            They still needed her.

Poem idea

Written for my Reading as a Writer assessment, similar to my Sphere-shaped Emptiness poem.


Black void, floating without

purpose, deceptive surface

smooth to see, but

anything reaching out to it

is sucked in.

No resistance, with no

disturbance to its

perfect sphere shape.

Dark night and clouds

blend it into life, barely

noticed as it hides

in the garden, heavy

rain falling…and being

consumed. Artificial

light reached to touch

it, revealing a kitchen

scene and a man clutching

a precious, steaming mug.

His smile is kind, but

cardboard, just a lifesize

cut-out unable to live.

Gaia and Terra rise from

the earth, mud covered

guardians that shake and shake,

sending all their debris

into the void.

Poem idea

Written for my Reading as a Writer assessment, inspired by the anime-style script I also wrote (posted today). Similar to the sonnet posted yesterday but some lines altered to fit better.


Haunted memories force us out, fleeing

enclosed spaces to greet the night and rain.

Sit upon this sturdy crutch, have the stain

of blood wash away and turn the unseeing

soul towards the living. We’re foreseeing

a future of struggle, put behind vain

squabbles and set out, seek your own domain.

Blood and ties will not define, break the chain.

But for now, in this moment, forget all

troubles and enjoy this new emotion

of first love, innocent and strong, just like

the woman laughing in the rain. The fall

will be saving, her devotion

complete, sharing truth with a healing strike.

Anime-style script

This is an anime-style script I wrote for my Reading as a Writer assessment, which I then wrote a sonnet about (also being posted today). The scene was inspired by my Fallen Wing anime script, episode six, so it has the same character names and personalities.

Anime-style Script

[Screen is black for a few seconds. Start to hear echoed voices, one after the other.]

Teenage male voice: They were just messing with you a little; you didn’t need to pull a knife on them.

Teenage female voice: Well, what do you expect from a killer’s son? Laurel is lucky he didn’t lose that eye.

Nat: Shut up! Just shut up!

[Sound of rain begins, slowly getting louder. Change to Nat close face left-side view (only able to see head and top of shoulders). Nat is a sixteen-year-old boy with pale white skin and brown eyes. His hair is short and messy, black with white streaks running through it. He has an angry/scared look on his face.

Pan out so a full body Nat left-side view. Can see it’s night-time and he’s walking on a concrete path. Nat is wearing black trousers, black boots and a long black coat made of fake fur. Can also see top of his blue t-shirt underneath. He has a big, bulging rucksack on his back. His hands are on the straps around his shoulders to help support it. His left hand (closest to screen) has a deep slash on it, going diagonal from little finger to wrist.

His expression changes to confusion, then annoyance. Change to Nat back view to see him speed up towards a bus shelter ahead. It has three two-seater metal benches with a canopy sheltering them from the rain. A figure (Fern) is sat on the centre bench’s furthest seat. Their features are too far away to see, but have green trousers, brown boots and brown igloo-style coat with the hood pulled over their head. They’re waving at Nat. There’s a rucksack on the seat next to them.

Fern back view (so can see Nat beyond) as Nat reaches her. He gazes down at her bag and his eyes narrow.]

Nat: What are you doing out here?

[Fern front view as she stops waving and grins. Can now see she has white skin, green eyes and long wavy brown hair. She is also sixteen years old.]

Fern: Sitting. Waiting for you to show up. I knew you’d have to wait until everyone was asleep before sneaking out, and this bus stop has the earliest route to the train station. I’ve got some flasks of hot chocolate, while we wait.

[Change to bus shelter front view so can see Fern grab rucksack and move it onto her lap, beginning to open it. Nat is still standing nearby, but he sighs and sits on the seat next to her, where her bag previously was. She pulls a silver flask out and hands it to Nat, who hesitantly takes it. She grins at him, pulls out another silver flask then glances at her bag. She shrugs before setting it on the floor, unconcerned.

Zoom in closer so can just see Fern/Nat full body view as they start drinking from their flasks.]

Nat: You can’t stop me leaving, Fern.

Fern: I know, I just didn’t want you to disappear without hearing a few things first.

[Fern turns her body to face more towards Nat, looking at him. Nat glances up from his flask, meeting her gaze.]

Fern: You’re a good person, Nathan Simons.

[Nat scoffs and turns gaze away but Fern reaches her hands out to grab his, making them both drop their flasks.]

Fern: I don’t care who your father is! He doesn’t define who you are and neither does a desperate act to defend yourself against two idiots with knives.

[Close up of their left hands, see Fern gently stroking the gash on Nat’s hand.]

Fern: Promise me you won’t believe what they said.

[See Nat’s hand pull away from Fern’s. change back to Fern/Nat full body side view as he stands up and moves away from her, now out of the shelter.]

Nat: Why do you even care what happens to me?

[There’s a few moments of silence before Fern starts laughing, her body doubling over. Nat turns back to look at her, shocked. Fern stands and moves next to him, now both in the rain.]

Fern: Because I like you, you moron! I know we’re not officially dating, but you like me too, right?

[Nat ducks head down, blushing, but nods. Fern’s smile widens. She throws back her hood and laughs, grabbing Nat’s hands again. She spins them around, laughing, until Nat also smiles. She stops them and looks at him, serious.]

Fern: I promise you this, Nat, I will never leave you. Whether you’re here, or far away, I believe in you. Promise me you won’t disappear forever, and I’ll always be there for you.

[Nat’s face is stunned, but slowly smiles and nods. Pans out so further away side view as they lean in to kiss. The bus pulls up and blocks the view. Screen black.]

Poem idea

First version of a sonnet written for my Reading as a Writer assessment. Based off a scene in the Fallen Wing anime scripts (episode six).


Haunted memories force us out, fleeing

enclosed spaces to greet the night and rain.

Sit upon this sturdy crutch, have the stain

of blood wash away and turn the unseeing

soul towards the living. We’re foreseeing

a future of struggle, put behind slain

loved ones and defend a war-torn domain.

Blood and magic mean nothing, break the chain.

But for now, in this moment, forget all

troubles and enjoy this new emotion

of first love, innocent and strong, just like

the woman laughing in the rain. The fall

will be saving, her devotion

complete, sharing truth with a deadly strike.

Poem idea

Written for an exercise in my Reading as a Writer class. Each line was taken randomly from other previously written poems.


The first time it happened

opening tune,

the instructions are simple

the world is cruel.

The other me.


we fall with the snow

to ask if there’s some mistake,

he searched for her.

A coward or a conniver?

This object you were touching,

here comes the lies.

Tentative roots being placed

I don’t know how they’re getting in.

Blunt scissors hacking,

it leaks when we shower.

It’s been days since I

saw this bed,

mysterious puddle

Appearing in the night.

I like to watch depressing stories

skulking while you’re sleeping.

Too late in life

we’ve changed our minds.

I don’t know why these

thoughts cross my mind.

The world has begun

to move again.

Poem idea

Another poem that came from a Reading as a Writer exercise, this one on sonnets.


She refused to marry the wizard

And so was cursed to a hideous form,

Her castle trapped in an eternal blizzard

Isolated and alone, left to mourn.

Should she have given in and married him?

Leaving all her subjects to his mercy.

Or run away, escape a fate so grim,

That makes her wait years for someone worthy.

But in her new form she now resides

Her curse secure, her fate undone.

In her crumbling castle she stays and hides,

Forgetting the warmth of the rising sun.

Doomed now to beast-like thinking

Her human personality has started sinking.

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