Musician wanted for poetry/music collaboration

I’m hoping to form a collaboration with a musician for my creative writing masters’ assessment. I want to create two pieces, one where the musician writes music based on one of my poems, and one where I write a poem based on one of the musician’s work. The form/style is negotiable/will be part of theContinue reading “Musician wanted for poetry/music collaboration”

Echoes and Edges

Someone on my course recommended Echoes and Edges to me for my poetry and music research. They’re perfect, exactly what I was imaging and looking for. I want to either try contacting them or submitting work to them very soon. I’m hoping to write/create something for my master class this term using my poetry andContinue reading “Echoes and Edges”


Welcome to my blog: Scribbled thoughts. I started it to get back into the rhythm of writing after a long hiatus. Feel free to look around, there’s poems, poetry reading videos, novel drafts, anime script drafts, short stories and writing prompts. I also include research of areas that interest me, like poetry and fairy talesContinue reading “Welcome”

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