Poem 21:30

21:30 I am the party of childhood. Simple emotions not yet layered with experience. Laughter, happy, angry if refused, but soon forgotten as the music starts and presents are presented. I am the party of a teenager. Nervous for acceptance, desperate to go well. Biting words slice the air and pressured acts will be myContinue reading “Poem 21:30”

Poem 21:27 Happy National Poetry Day!

A quick poem written with this year’s theme for National Poetry Day: Change. 21: 27 Observe the rolls evident, even when lying down. Blame age and depression for your changing form. Buy expensive equipment, retrieve your bike from the garage, years of mould judging you. Stare and stare, and ask for change, but no matterContinue reading “Poem 21:27 Happy National Poetry Day!”

Poem 21:24

21: 24 I am born as you sleep, your dream the other half of me, existing only for the length of your stay. Some of us resent you, and will fill the time with nightmares, scaring you, scarring you into remembering us forever. Others wish for your happiness, giving you peaceful memories that leave aContinue reading “Poem 21:24”

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