Poem idea

20:131 A lake of ice separating everything, anything. Chip at the thick, frozen water to form cracks, signs, evidence you are trying. Trapped beneath, unable to breathe, chip, bang, struggle to the surface… Or, is it, in fact, you’re already above, and chipping to get below? Pause, hesitate, unable to decide. Identify where you are,Continue reading “Poem idea”

Poem ideas

20:127 Releasing the kindness encased within, touching skin like a snowflake and melting into hope. 20:129 Clinging to some jumbled phrases, shaping them into meaning. Is this helping? Or highlighting something that should have stayed buried, and stomped beneath the dirt. 20:130 Pressure, you can’t fail or you’ll be weeded out, forgotten, gone.

Fairy tale poem idea

Based off The Princess and the Pea, with a twist. 20:120 A real princess indeed. She can never sleep, never rest with her pained back, sides, front. Even a pea bruises her, that’s what they say. Her downcast look was shyness, the ideal female disposition. It was fine. Except… Those bags under her eyes wouldContinue reading “Fairy tale poem idea”

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