Welcome to my blog: Scribbled thoughts. I started it to get back into the rhythm of writing after a long hiatus. Feel free to look around, there’s poems, poetry reading videos, novel drafts, anime script drafts, short stories and writing prompts. I also include research of areas that interest me, like poetry and fairy talesContinue reading “Welcome”

Random Ramblings

Didn’t have a chance to write any poems today (was editing my husband’s college assignment) but did have a new plan for future poems. At the moment I’m just writing whatever comes to mind, and I want to challenge myself to other things I wouldn’t usually think of. So like the writing prompts I haveContinue reading “Random Ramblings”

Fallen Wing Anime Script: OVA (Five Years Later)

Fallen Wing OVA: Five Years Later [Scene opens to view of empty Tempit throne room, different angles of it as narrator talks.] Narrator/Laurel: We can spend so long planning for the future. Feeling secure with where our life is going, what direction to follow. [Scene change to front view of a door as it beginsContinue reading “Fallen Wing Anime Script: OVA (Five Years Later)”

Fallen Wing Anime Script: Episode Twenty Four

Fallen Wing Episode Twenty Four: Sacrifice [Scene opens in Querida’s hut. Back view of Ulmar in human form sat on floor, with Querida sat in front of him, facing him. Change to Ulmar side view (facing left of screen) to show annoyed expression.] Ulmar: You can’t keep making me do this Querida; I won’t beContinue reading “Fallen Wing Anime Script: Episode Twenty Four”

Fallen Wing Anime Script: Episode Twenty Three

Fallen Wing Episode Twenty Three: Tempit [Scene opens to far out view of Outer Tempit. Duke’s army have taken over, soldiers are moving bodies to a pile to be burnt while other citizens are being beaten, taken from homes, rounded up.] Narrator: The time has come. [See Duke emerge from a big clean tent (tentContinue reading “Fallen Wing Anime Script: Episode Twenty Three”

Fallen Wing Anime Script: Episode Twenty Two

Fallen Wing Episode Twenty Two: Fepal [Scene opens to screenshots of Fepal. Bird’s eye view, then shots of the streets, houses. Show peaceful but with an underlined tension in air. See performance stage where resistance members are gathered near, talking to each other, preparing armour/weapons. Nevan is stood on the stage, overseeing everything.] Narrator: PreparationsContinue reading “Fallen Wing Anime Script: Episode Twenty Two”

Fallen Wing Anime Script: Episode Twenty One

Fallen Wing Episode Twenty One: Eilir [Scene opens to a desert type landscape, but no sun (late evening light). Ground is cracked from lack of water and a strong wind is blowing soil/sand about. There are some bare trees, one with a figure leaning against it, hunched over.] Narrator: Some stories are so old, noContinue reading “Fallen Wing Anime Script: Episode Twenty One”

Fallen Wing Anime Script: Episode Twenty

Fallen Wing Episode Twenty: Malhand Battle [Scene opens to Fern/group side view as they run through Malhand Forest. Fern side view, panting but still running hard.] Narrator: We all have causes to fight for, ones that may seem meaningless to others. Ones that people will never understand. [Change to front view of clearing area asContinue reading “Fallen Wing Anime Script: Episode Twenty”

Fallen Wing Anime Script: Episode Nineteen

 Fallen Wing Episode Nineteen: Survivors [Scene opens in Emlin Way ruins but surrounded by black mist. Nat front view as stares at screen in horror. Change to Nat back view to see Earl in front of him. Close Earl front view, smirking.] Earl: I’ve finally found you, my son. [Nat front view as begins toContinue reading “Fallen Wing Anime Script: Episode Nineteen”

Fallen Wing Anime Script: Episode Eighteen

Fallen Wing Episode Eighteen: Recollection [Scene opens to bird’s eye view of group gathered in Eilir’s hut (Dagan, Lance and Amelia there too), in a cluster while Eilir is still sat down (Fern at front of group, who are facing him, Eilir at bottom of screen).] Narrator: Those who long for a home imagine peace,Continue reading “Fallen Wing Anime Script: Episode Eighteen”

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