Short story

Written for my Reading as a Writer assessment. Based off my 21:3 poem (also posted today. She turned around and pulled, but they wouldn’t move. No amount of begging, bribing or threats of death would make them budge even an inch. The constant rain had left her body heavy and numb, clothes pulling her closerContinue reading “Short story”

Anime-style script

This is an anime-style script I wrote for my Reading as a Writer assessment, which I then wrote a sonnet about (also being posted today). The scene was inspired by my Fallen Wing anime script, episode six, so it has the same character names and personalities. Anime-style Script [Screen is black for a few seconds.Continue reading “Anime-style script”


Welcome to my blog: Scribbled thoughts. I started it to get back into the rhythm of writing after a long hiatus. Feel free to look around, there’s poems, poetry reading videos, novel drafts, anime script drafts, short stories and writing prompts. I also include research of areas that interest me, like poetry and fairy talesContinue reading “Welcome”

Creative Writing Editing

Creative Writing Editing | Facebook For anyone interested in getting free editing services, I am willing to edit people’s work to gain more experience and some feedback/reviews. All work will be done for free until my masters course ends in April 2022. Please visit the page or message me if interested.

Complicity by Iain Banks

This book isn’t usually the genre type I read, a crime thriller, but I have to admit I was gripped all the way through.             Cameron is an intriguing character. Even if he isn’t very likeable he is recognizable and even relatable.  The murderer’s scenes written in second person are really gripping and disturbing. IContinue reading “Complicity by Iain Banks”

Prompt 387

‘You’ve definitely improved,’ I said, swallowing the slightly lumpy mash, ‘But I’m still better.’             A stunned silence followed. She looked at me, the smile morphing into confusion, then deep hurt.             Oh God, why would I say that?             ‘Oh, okay,’ She shook her head and put on a shaky smile, ‘I mean, IContinue reading “Prompt 387”

Thoughts on Liz Brasswell’s A Whole New World: Twisted Tales

The Twisted Tales series are a perfect example of reimagining fairy tale stories. Their focus is to look at well-known Disney movies and ask ‘what if?’. What if this had happened? What if this person wasn’t there? etc. The first one I read was the Aladdin based one, which asked: what if Aladdin never keptContinue reading “Thoughts on Liz Brasswell’s A Whole New World: Twisted Tales”

Thoughts on Nikita Gill’s work based on fairy tales

Gill explores many themes and issues with fairy tales within her collection Fierce Fairy Tales & Other Stories to Stir Your Soul. Many of these have given me better insight for my own planned work. Her themes fell into two categories for me: ones I was looking for and expecting, and ones I hadn’t reallyContinue reading “Thoughts on Nikita Gill’s work based on fairy tales”

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