Anime-style script

This is an anime-style script I wrote for my Reading as a Writer assessment, which I then wrote a sonnet about (also being posted today). The scene was inspired by my Fallen Wing anime script, episode six, so it has the same character names and personalities.

Anime-style Script

[Screen is black for a few seconds. Start to hear echoed voices, one after the other.]

Teenage male voice: They were just messing with you a little; you didn’t need to pull a knife on them.

Teenage female voice: Well, what do you expect from a killer’s son? Laurel is lucky he didn’t lose that eye.

Nat: Shut up! Just shut up!

[Sound of rain begins, slowly getting louder. Change to Nat close face left-side view (only able to see head and top of shoulders). Nat is a sixteen-year-old boy with pale white skin and brown eyes. His hair is short and messy, black with white streaks running through it. He has an angry/scared look on his face.

Pan out so a full body Nat left-side view. Can see it’s night-time and he’s walking on a concrete path. Nat is wearing black trousers, black boots and a long black coat made of fake fur. Can also see top of his blue t-shirt underneath. He has a big, bulging rucksack on his back. His hands are on the straps around his shoulders to help support it. His left hand (closest to screen) has a deep slash on it, going diagonal from little finger to wrist.

His expression changes to confusion, then annoyance. Change to Nat back view to see him speed up towards a bus shelter ahead. It has three two-seater metal benches with a canopy sheltering them from the rain. A figure (Fern) is sat on the centre bench’s furthest seat. Their features are too far away to see, but have green trousers, brown boots and brown igloo-style coat with the hood pulled over their head. They’re waving at Nat. There’s a rucksack on the seat next to them.

Fern back view (so can see Nat beyond) as Nat reaches her. He gazes down at her bag and his eyes narrow.]

Nat: What are you doing out here?

[Fern front view as she stops waving and grins. Can now see she has white skin, green eyes and long wavy brown hair. She is also sixteen years old.]

Fern: Sitting. Waiting for you to show up. I knew you’d have to wait until everyone was asleep before sneaking out, and this bus stop has the earliest route to the train station. I’ve got some flasks of hot chocolate, while we wait.

[Change to bus shelter front view so can see Fern grab rucksack and move it onto her lap, beginning to open it. Nat is still standing nearby, but he sighs and sits on the seat next to her, where her bag previously was. She pulls a silver flask out and hands it to Nat, who hesitantly takes it. She grins at him, pulls out another silver flask then glances at her bag. She shrugs before setting it on the floor, unconcerned.

Zoom in closer so can just see Fern/Nat full body view as they start drinking from their flasks.]

Nat: You can’t stop me leaving, Fern.

Fern: I know, I just didn’t want you to disappear without hearing a few things first.

[Fern turns her body to face more towards Nat, looking at him. Nat glances up from his flask, meeting her gaze.]

Fern: You’re a good person, Nathan Simons.

[Nat scoffs and turns gaze away but Fern reaches her hands out to grab his, making them both drop their flasks.]

Fern: I don’t care who your father is! He doesn’t define who you are and neither does a desperate act to defend yourself against two idiots with knives.

[Close up of their left hands, see Fern gently stroking the gash on Nat’s hand.]

Fern: Promise me you won’t believe what they said.

[See Nat’s hand pull away from Fern’s. change back to Fern/Nat full body side view as he stands up and moves away from her, now out of the shelter.]

Nat: Why do you even care what happens to me?

[There’s a few moments of silence before Fern starts laughing, her body doubling over. Nat turns back to look at her, shocked. Fern stands and moves next to him, now both in the rain.]

Fern: Because I like you, you moron! I know we’re not officially dating, but you like me too, right?

[Nat ducks head down, blushing, but nods. Fern’s smile widens. She throws back her hood and laughs, grabbing Nat’s hands again. She spins them around, laughing, until Nat also smiles. She stops them and looks at him, serious.]

Fern: I promise you this, Nat, I will never leave you. Whether you’re here, or far away, I believe in you. Promise me you won’t disappear forever, and I’ll always be there for you.

[Nat’s face is stunned, but slowly smiles and nods. Pans out so further away side view as they lean in to kiss. The bus pulls up and blocks the view. Screen black.]

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