Musician wanted for poetry/music collaboration

I’m hoping to form a collaboration with a musician for my creative writing masters’ assessment. I want to create two pieces, one where the musician writes music based on one of my poems, and one where I write a poem based on one of the musician’s work. The form/style is negotiable/will be part of the collaboration process.

Some possible styles are:


If uninterested in a collaboration I’d also be grateful for any original music people are willing to send/permit me to use for writing a poem. I would give full credit and if the musician preferred I didn’t post it on youtube/wordpress I’d make sure only my tutor saw it for marking. I can’t offer any fee for this because I don’t want to risk my assessment suffering if I officially employ someone. I will of course offer full acknowledgement/recognition, and the musician will have permission to use/post/perform any work we make (as long as they acknowledge my part) once my assessment has been marked.

The assessment is due in April so I’m hoping to get the bulk of the work done in March. This site has videos of me reading my poetry and written poems for anyone who wishes to see what my work is like. Anyone who is interested/has questions/advice drop a comment or send me a message either here or at my Youtube channel. Thanks.

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