Poem idea

Written for an exercise in my Reading as a Writer class. Each line was taken randomly from other previously written poems.


The first time it happened

opening tune,

the instructions are simple

the world is cruel.

The other me.


we fall with the snow

to ask if there’s some mistake,

he searched for her.

A coward or a conniver?

This object you were touching,

here comes the lies.

Tentative roots being placed

I don’t know how they’re getting in.

Blunt scissors hacking,

it leaks when we shower.

It’s been days since I

saw this bed,

mysterious puddle

Appearing in the night.

I like to watch depressing stories

skulking while you’re sleeping.

Too late in life

we’ve changed our minds.

I don’t know why these

thoughts cross my mind.

The world has begun

to move again.

Poem idea

Another poem that came from a Reading as a Writer exercise, this one on sonnets.


She refused to marry the wizard

And so was cursed to a hideous form,

Her castle trapped in an eternal blizzard

Isolated and alone, left to mourn.

Should she have given in and married him?

Leaving all her subjects to his mercy.

Or run away, escape a fate so grim,

That makes her wait years for someone worthy.

But in her new form she now resides

Her curse secure, her fate undone.

In her crumbling castle she stays and hides,

Forgetting the warmth of the rising sun.

Doomed now to beast-like thinking

Her human personality has started sinking.

Poem idea

This one came from an exercise during my Reading as a Writer class.


Rentable yurt, for all

your scaring needs,

create the perfect Halloween

party, an opportunity

to scream!

What better place than

the woods to in-still

the atmosphere

of this holiday season,

come and

experience the fear!

Scare-wars are encouraged

don’t let your

rivals win.

Hide under bags and cushions

Wearing scary masks.

No plan, who needs it?

You’re already here,

so sit up and scream, scream, scream!

You’ll terrify all near.

Poem idea


Streetlamp of desire,

stalking me in my home,

looming over my window,

shining into my soul.

The streets have been

lonely this last year,

no company to keep

them occupied.

Lusting for life,

illumination on gossip,

an insight

into despair.

Why do you

shine at night

on empty streets,

still praying, one

day, there will

be purpose


What purpose

is left?

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