My assessment has been handed in! So I’ll be able to update regularly again. They’ll be a lot on poetry and music, because it will probably be the focus of my dissertation next year. My assessment pieces involved Soundcloud and Youtube, but I won’t post the link here in case it gets flagged during marking and causes problems. My poetry film/video is on my regular Youtube account, so if you’re interested you can search for it on there. Once it’s been marked near the end of May I will post the links here.

I really enjoyed working with non-copyrighted music and writing poetry for it, so it’s something I will continue. I’ve bought a microphone and web cam, and am setting up a mini-studio in the spare room in the next few weeks (waiting for a carpet right now) so I’ll be recording poetry videos/readings/music collabs once that’s ready.

I also want to try focus on fairy tale poems more, but we’ll see. Work is going to be busy this summer, with covid restrictions easing, and I’m determined to get back into running/a healthier lifestyle. Exercise helps control my anxiety issues, but so does writing, meaning I plan to keep up both.

Hope everyone is well, and I’ll post again soon.

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